Ambali Ibrahim
Principal, AHMC

Principal's Desk

AHMC ( Al-Medinah Harmony Model College) is an ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, providing a well established Holistic Education System.
Our Holistic Education System combines with the Tahfith Quran program whilst nurturing the Islamic practise and etiquette had inspired other schools to emulate our footsteps.
With the immersion of Quran and sunah in their heart and exemplary akhlak has enabled our students to complete their studies early to pursue their tertiary education locally or abroad.
The school came into existence and has impacted greatly into learners with Contemporary teaching techniques and resources.
The school is conducive and fascinating for teaching and learning activities with well trained, highly experienced and seasoned teachers to guide your children.
Our efforts in being the custodian of this worthy legacy (education) is not only for these children to be achievers of material things in life but to be Godly in their affairs so that in the future we'll have God-fearing Lecturers, Engineers, Lawyers, Medical doctors, Nurses, Accountants etc.


We work to achieve the following objectives:
1. To equip our students with hig educational standard that will give them an edge in their future career.
2. To lay a very strong foundation for our students with a view in discovering and developing each student's potentiality, intellectuality, spiritually, psychologically, and socially.
3. To imbibe Islamic morals and ethics into the school curriculum, because we believe it is fundamental to every day life of our students.
4. We believe that we are "Transfomer", we take students who other schools might reject because of their supposedly lack of good grades and high performances.
5. In this 21st century, information and communication technology is essential and highly significant. Our school has made strong provision, to ensure that our students are
at the forefront of ICT.